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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pull up banner displays easy to erect?
The banner displays are very easy to put up and down in seconds. Simply pull the banner out of the casing and install the pole.

How much do the displays weigh?
The banner units are lightweight and designed for travelling. The weights are shown on the product pages and depend on the style and width of the pull up display. The most popular are the Classic 850mm x 2090mm which is approx. 3.2kg and the Premium 850mm x 2000mm which is approx. 4.2kg.

What type of material is used for the banner display?
We have carefully selected a low sheen block out film material. This gives a brilliant result that is high in colour, yet has minimal reflective qualities, so you can see the image clearly with minimal light reflection. It is the best balance between gloss (which reflects too much light) and matte (which comes across too dull). As the material is blockout, it means very little light can penetrate from behind the banner which ruins the vividness of colour and brightness. This is a common problem with polyester material and low quality vinyl displays.




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